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More Halloween Fun with the Dragons October 31, 2011

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Last week, we brought you a video of Drexel student-athletes and coaches describing their favorite Halloween costumes. Now, the day itself is upon us, and the Dragons’ Athletic Training staff has not disappointed, with each trainer dressing as one of the student athletes from his or her team.

Here’s Phil VandeBerg, Lindsey Toman and Ryan Fries. No one knows their student athletes better than these guys, and it shows in the attention to detail here. Although we must say, we don’t know any women’s basketball player with the impressive tattoos all over their right arm like Lindsey has here.

But that aside, these guys have been seen throughout the building all day with these outfits on. Phil hasn’t even taken his helmet off whenever we’ve seen him. And Lindsey’s headband really pulls the whole outfit together.

By the way, for those wondering, Scott Ellis left earlier today but was wearing his men’s soccer uniform while he was in the building. Which means that Ryan is sporting the women’s version here. Looks good Fries, the shin guards are an excellent touch of authenticity.


Your Best Halloween Costumes: Dragon Style October 27, 2011

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Ever wondered what your favorite athletes did for Halloween when they were growing up? Well, here are some of Drexel’s athletes and coaches being interviewed about some of their favorites. How about Women’s Soccer Head Coach Ray Goon dressing up as one of the three blind mice? I guess the referee costumes were all sold out so he went for the next best thing? Or ever wonder what Kamile Nacickaite would look like with a Snooki hairdo? Now’s your chance.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Dragon Clicks October 12, 2011

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A few stories for you on this dreary, grey Wednesday morning as the air conditioning outside the Sports Information office continues to be repaired…


The West Deptford Patch profiles Drexel women’s soccer standout Jenna Lindsay.

Drexel squash head coach John White won the Maryland Legends tournament over the weekend.

Greg Harrah of Crystal Lake, Illinois has chosen to wrestle for the Dragons over Michigan State and Arizona State.

Ari Bluestein outlines Philly’s basketball options in the absence of the NBA (which probably should just be “Philly’s basketball options anyway”).

The Manning River Times out of Australia recaps the women’s U.S. Open final at the DAC last week.


Enjoy your Wednesdays, everybody.


The Drexel Olympic Champions October 11, 2011

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The Summer Olympics are still several months away, but Drexel’s women’s basketball team has already awarded gold, silver and bronze medals to its Olympic teams. Every preseason, the team is split into groups and awarded points based on how well they do not only in conditioning and team drills, but also based on their contributions to other, less basketball-related activities. The Dragon Building Contest that we brought you a few weeks ago was one of the many events for which the teams were awarded points.

First, introducing the teams coming into the final day of competition, a multi-stage obstacle course.

Team Dungeon Dragons, Taylor Wootton, Tiffany Johnson, Kamile Nacickaite and Jackie Schluth (kneeling, in the Spongebob pajamas):

Team Drago, Nicole Jones, Renee Johnson-Allen, Tyler Hale and team manager Mai-Thy Vuong, who was filling in for Hollie Mershon, who was at the dentist’s office getting a filling in.

Team Dragon Breath, Marisa Crane, Ayana Lee, Tory Thierolf, Abby Redick and Fiona Flanagan.

This may come as no surprise, but points were awarded to the “Best Dressed Team.” In this year’s very unscientific poll, it was decided that Dungeon Dragons were the top fashionistas of 2011.

After that was determined, the teams began the final challenge, which involved three-legged races, football tosses, crab walking, and sprints, mixed in with brain teasers and riddles read by the coaching staff.

In the end, it must have been super-sub Mai-Thy who made the difference, because it was Drago (minus their high heels, which were subbed out for sneakers after the photos) that came out on top, not only for the day’s events but also for the preseason Olympics. Dragons Breath came in second in the final event, but could not overcome the point total of Dungeon Dragons, who finished second overall.

Also awarded were the Iron Dragons, given for outstanding performance in the team conditioning and weightlifting drills during the preseason. Those went to Tiffany Johnson, Hollie Mershon, Renee Johnson-Allen and Fiona Flanagan.

So with a month to go before the season opens, the opening ceremonies have already been held. Congrats to Drago and all the Iron Dragons!


A little CAA Brotherly Love for Drexel Squash October 4, 2011

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The 2011 Delaware Investments U.S. Open Squash Championships are underway at the DAC, a piece of news you probably haven’t been able to avoid if you’ve checked into DrexelDragons.com in the past few days. It clearly didn’t escape Chris Kowalczyk, the blogger extraordinaire for Around the Horns down at VCU. In a post published last week, Chris promised to wear a Drexel squash shirt to the office if we sent him one.

Look, Coach John White is leading the Dragons to the varsity level in 2011-12, and I want to get in on the ground floor. So count me in, Drexel. I’m on board. Send me a Drexel Squash t-shirt and I will wear that to work and post a pic on the blog. I mean, look at these guys’ new digs. Philadelphia, Squash Capital USA.

Well, don’t worry Chris…it’s on the way! We’re looking forward to seeing pictures of Drexel squash’s self-proclaimed superfan in Richmond.

By the way, the U.S. Open is really getting intense now. We’ve got half the semifinals set on both the men’s and women’s side, with the other semifinal pairings to be set tonight. Top-seeded Nick Matthew is into the semis on the men’s side, but Nicol David, the world’s top-ranked female player, was summarily ousted last night in a thrilling upset from Kasey Brown, 11-9, 6-11, 11-9, 11-4. You don’t want to miss the action at the DAC the rest of the way, and we’ll be crowning a champion on Thursday evening. See you – and Chris? – there!