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Happy Birthday to Me! The latest from Hollie Mershon September 24, 2013

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Labas, Labas (hi,hi)! So it is official, and although it has taken a while to sign with a team I am happy to say that I will continue to play basketball with The Euroleague team of Vici-Kibirkstis in Lithuania, Vilnius! (Don’t ask me how to pronounce that, I have no clue)  I will be playing in the Euroleague which is the most competitive league over there, so I will certainly have my work cut out for me.

I am going through many emotions, but I am very excited that I have the opportunity to continue my career. I was very hesitant to leave the country and start a new journey but at this point I honestly feel like this is what I should be doing. Change freaks me out, big time, but at least at the end of the day I know that this is a challenge I am up for.

This is the website of the team that I will be playing for:


I will be leaving on Wednesday, tomorrow, a day before my birthday…Naturally, that would happen :).

Also if you don’t think you can go 5 months without talking to me get the app Viber or Tango or Whatsapp or facebook. Don’t worry I have all four on my phone just in case someone seriously needs to reach me. And if its urgent you can always hit me up on all four at the same time. I’m pretty sure ill get the picture.. And anyone who wants to COME WITH ME, my answer is YES!

Considering the 160+ hits I got on the first blog, I will continue to write while I am over in Europe.  Well, 100 of the hits may have been from myself, but 60 is still pretty good 😉

As for now, it’s not a bye, it’s I’ll see ya later! And if I get a chance to say “see ya” in person before I go, I would love that! ❤

Well, it has been real America! See ya soon!


To continue following Hollie’s journey, check back to the Dragons Den and follow her blog at http://holliemershon.blogspot.com/



1. Terri Cardile - September 25, 2013

Congratulations Hollie!! We look forward to following your career in Europe! Mr. and Mrs. Cardile

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