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Hollie Mershon: Just Traveling Country to Country November 13, 2013

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Editor’s note: This blog was originally published by Hollie on Sunday morning.

So this has been a crazy week with a lot of traveling!  We left for Poland on Monday morning at 8am and arrived at 10pm! It was a 14-hour bus trip, but we stopped every two hours for at least 5-10 minutes.  Poland is a very large country so it made no sense to fly because the airport we would have landed in was still eight hours away from our destination.  When we arrived in Poland we had one free day before our game so we were able to walk around the town of Polkowice a bit.  The town was small, but very cute. 


On Wednesday we had our first Euro-League game! It was very exciting, and the gym was packed!  We played against a Polish team who had Janel McCarville, who is  WNBA All Star and champion for the Minnesota Lynx.  We upset them which was the best part.  This is a top team in the Euro-League.  We were up by double digits the entire game until the last quarter.  They started to come back, but we hung on to our lead and finished with a victory.  The fans here really get into the game which I love.  After the game the fans were congratulating us, and some waited after to get our autographs.  I always find it amusing when fans of the other team do that.  What I like most about my team is that we are very team oriented.  We play team basketball, share the ball, look for the best shot possible in an offensive possession.  Our defense is strong as well, but we are still working on communicating better.  After the game we went back to our hotel, ate, then loaded the bus for another 14-hour trip back home.  We arrived in Lithuania at 12pm, and then I slept for the rest of the day.  I am a sleep-aholic, I am very good at sleeping haha. 


The same day we arrived home, Sophie and I went to our men’s game later that night.  They are also in the Euro-League.  They played a team from Israel.  Sophie knew one of the guys on the Israeli team because he played at the same college as her.  He also played for Conestoga High School which is right by my house at home.  I did not know who he was, but when I told my mom who I was going to watch play she told me that we went to the same pre-school and were friends when we were younger.  Such a small world let me tell you. 


The day after we got back from Poland, we had a three-hour bus trip to another part in Lithuania to play a game, which we won (we scored more than 100 points).  Then we had a three-hour drive back home and did not get in until 11:30pm.  So if you total the amount of hours I spent on a bus this week, 34 hours=Insane. I think I listened to every song on my iPhone three times in one trip.  I also read a lot.  I am reading a new book called Blink.  It’s about the power of thinking without actually thinking. 


The most exciting part of my week is about to begin.  MY MOM COMES TOMORROW!!!!! She is on her flight at this moment, and arrives Sunday at 1:40pm and I will be picking her up in my new whip, Camry Prius, VIP style.  I respect the Prius, nice and roomie inside, and the gas mileage is AMAZING.  I only have to pay for gas like once every two months.  Anyway, she is coming, and she is leaving on the 22nd, right before Thanksgiving, ughhh.  But the day she leaves marks one month till I get to come HOME!  Open house party, all are invited-hahaha.  Always wanted to have one of those.  


Ok well, I don’t think there is anything else left to say.  I have two games this week, and another Euro-League game the following week against a team from Spain I believe – guess I need to check that.  Still missing home, and still missing everyone back in America, but I like to think I am tough, so I am going to “keep on, keepin’ on.”  


OOO and congrats to my DREXEL BALLER DRAGONS on beating Toledo- you guys are simply amazing, what a great way to start off the season with a solid win!!! So proud of you girlies.  Shout out to Foners (Fiona) with a career high of 19 points!!!!!!  If you are reading this and you do not attend Drexel Women’s Basketball games, shame on you 🙂 haha it’s worth your time I promise!!!




For more up-to-date entries from Hollie as she continues her professional career in Lithuania, visit http://holliemershon.blogspot.com/