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Going International: A Blog from Hollie Mershon July 25, 2013

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The following was written by Drexel women’s basketball Class of 2013 guard Hollie Mershon, and edited by the Dragons Den:


Hey Hey!!! For those of you who do not know, I have decided to leave all my family and friends and go to Europe for  6-8 months to play basketball professionally. Shocking, I know…the furthest I have lived from home was 35 minutes, and that was when I was playing at Drexel. Now I am going to a country in Europe. Kind of a huge difference in distance.


Playing basketball at Drexel was the best four years of my life so far, but playing overseas is something I have gone back and forth with so many times. Ultimately, I look at this way: In 10 years when I look back, do I want to possibly regret not taking this opportunity? Obviously, no!!!! I am not sure where I am headed yet. Hopefully it will be somewhere that will accept really cool people (which is not me of course!), but I wanted to create this blog for family and friends and whoever else is lucky enough to stumble upon it to share my experiences along the way. Hopefully I find out where I am playing soon and I will post it when I know. So if you think you will really miss me you should probably start hanging out with me NOW. 🙂


FYI…I know Europe is not a country, it’s a continent. But that’s beside the point – I hope the title shows that even though I am growing up, I still don’t know everything…or, well, very much (laugh here). Kudos to Abby Redick for the blog title idea!


Oh, for those who do not know me I am very sarcastic so I would 100% recommend not taking my jokes literally, but feel free to laugh!


(for more from Hollie Mershon as she begins her journey in professional basketball, visit http://holliemershon.blogspot.com/)